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This is the itinerary and schedule for Clean Across America And Back. Each day's entry in the table is linked to a diary entry with photos; I invite you to come along for the ride with me! There's also a map showing the destination cities, and a straight list of each day's stops, if your browser doesn't like tables.








August 2

Long Beach, CA to Phoenix, AZ: 424 mi.

August 3

Phoenix, AZ to El Paso, TX: 456 mi.

August 4

El Paso, TX to Fort Worth, TX: 647 mi.

August 5

Fort Worth, TX to Miami, OK: 414 mi.

August 6

Miami, OK to St. Louis, MO: 366 mi.

August 7

St. Louis, MO to Dayton, OH: 490 mi.

August 8

Dayton, OH to Charleston, WV: 282 mi.

August 9

Charleston, WV to Washington, DC: 571 mi.

August 10

Washington, DC to Princeton, NJ: 192 mi.

August 11

Princeton, NJ to Waterbury, CT: 193 mi.

August 12

Waterbury, CT to Boston, MA: 167 mi.

August 13

Boston, MA to Portland, ME and back: 260 mi.

August 14

Boston, MA to Syracuse, NY: 345 mi.

August 15

Syracuse, NY to Cleveland, OH: 362 mi.

August 16

Cleveland,OH to Kalamazoo, MI: 328 mi.

August 17

Kalamazoo, MI to Milwaukee, WI: 284 mi.

August 18

Milwaukee, WI to Des Moines, IA: 408 mi.

August 19

Des Moines, IA to Hays, KS: 468 mi.

August 20

Hays, KS to Denver, CO: 447 mi.

August 21

Denver, CO to Price, UT: 414 mi.

August 22

Price, UT to St. George, UT: 435 mi.

August 23

St. George, UT to Los Angeles, CA: 461 mi.

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